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The case of VMNAT.exe consuming too many CPU cycles – unsolved

For at least a year I’ve been plagued – ok, maybe that’s too strong of a word – annoyed by the fact that when running VMware Workstation (I’m using Workstation 9 in this case, but it also happened to me … Continue reading

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Major issues – vSphere Upgrade to 5.5 from 5.1

I’m writing this today to have some place to refer back to in order to remind me how painful this process was – and how much I love snapshot technology. Task: Upgrade Home Lab vCenter 5.1 to vCenter 5.5 Issue: … Continue reading

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My MultiFunction Printer (MFP) no longer scans to email

Thanks Comcast! In all serious, it’s probably a good idea for Comcast to block port 25 for residential subscribers (due to the bots and other attack vectors for spammers and malware purveyors) but that left me with a conundrum.  No … Continue reading

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UPDATE – FIX – “a website is trying to start a remote connection”

UPDATE! Hi All, If you’ve been following this thread, you’ve already seen my solution below to uninstall KB2592687 in order to remove the security error from RDP’ing into a Windows Server. The real issue I was having was that my mRemote … Continue reading

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Cannot Uninstall VMware Workstation – The MSI ” Failed

Recently, I wanted to update my VMware Workstation version from 8.0.2 to version 8.0.4.  In order to do this you must uninstall the older version of VMware workstation first.  This is where the problems start to arise. After a bit … Continue reading

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VMware scripted installations kept dumping out of the installation for “no reason”

On a recent job, I was plagued with one of my ks.cfg scripts whereby everything would be getting configured, then BLAM-MO.  I’d get dumped to the login prompt with no further configuration taking place. I correctly surmised that it was taking … Continue reading

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Visio 2007 and 2010 drove me CRAZY when trying to print on larger paper – Solution!

So I was once again creating another deliverable for a client.  It was a fun project with all sorts of critical situations, problems with networking drivers and other networking issues.  Aside from that, the VMware environment was 100% 10Gb everywhere.  … Continue reading

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