My MultiFunction Printer (MFP) no longer scans to email

Thanks Comcast!

In all serious, it’s probably a good idea for Comcast to block port 25 for residential subscribers (due to the bots and other attack vectors for spammers and malware purveyors) but that left me with a conundrum.  No scan-to-email capability.

This used to work – but back in March of 2013 or thereabouts, Comcast closed down the port.  The other issue is that the Dell MFP 3115cn can only be configured to use port 25 to send email (technically it can also use 5000-65535, but that’s useless).

Using this thread and many other’s I’ve finally solved the problem for my Dell 3115cn MFP to “scan to email”.  First, kudos to the following threads which I used to fashion my solution:


Issue 1: Comcast shut down port 25 for residential broadband subscribers
Issue 2: the Dell MFP does not have the facility to change to secure email ports.  Only 25 and 5000-65535

Partial solution:  Call comcast as stated above – they will provide an exception but do not guarantee how long the exception will last as they automate the closing of port 25 on some undefined audit basis.

Real solution:  I’ll be the first to admit that not everyone can do this BUT, if you’ve got an internal windows server or other free SMTP server software you CAN do this.

  1. Configure your SMTP server this way.  I use a windows server internally.  The same configs will apply to free SMTP servers though
      • Remove default relay restricton
      • Go to Outbound Security Tab and configure basic authentication with your gmail or comcast account
      • Check the TLS encryption box
      • Go to Outbound Connections Tab and change the port to 587 (from the default 25)
      • Go to the Advanced Tab and put in your “smart host”.  In my case it was
        • Note you don’t have to change the FQDN (which in Windows is the host you’re configuring for SMTP)
  2. Configure your MFP to use your new internal server you just created above.
    • In my case, on the Dell 3115cn, the following fields were configured:
      • Primary SMTP Gateway: (this is the internal SMTP server you just configured)
      • SMTP Port #:  25
      • Email Send Authentication:  *Invalid (I did not require internal authentication on the internal SMTP server so none is required here)
      • SMTP Login User:  An internal domain account (you probably don’t need this, but I didn’t test otherwise)
      • SMTP Password: password for SMTP login user (again, you probably don’t need this)
      • Reply address:

I tested this and it worked FIRST SHOT!

This will allow you to bypass the ridiculous code restriction on the MFP Dell’s that will not allow port anything other than port 25 outbound.

My wife is thrilled that scan to email works again!

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