Visio 2007 and 2010 drove me CRAZY when trying to print on larger paper – Solution!

So I was once again creating another deliverable for a client.  It was a fun project with all sorts of critical situations, problems with networking drivers and other networking issues.  Aside from that, the VMware environment was 100% 10Gb everywhere.  So I was creating my visio and then tried to print it
To be clear, I create poster size Visio’s using the Architectural “E” setting which is 34×44.  I don’t know exactly what that means other than I created a Visio on a large 34×44 setting and then tried to print it on that paper a little later.
1.  Visio Doc with Page Setup set to “E: 34 x 44” and Landscape chosen as well as “Fit to 1 sheet across and 1 sheet down.

2.  Same Visio doc with the proper Page Size set (Custom 44 x 34 with Landscape chosen):

3.  Next, since I have regular Adobe 8 installed (not just reader), I created a NEW PAPER size as shown below:

4.  Next, I made sure I had the custom scale setup.  The default is 1:1, but I had issues for some reason with this.  So I went to “custom” and made it 1:1 and ensured my page size as shown below:

5.  Next I went to the Visio Print Preview to ensure it “looked” like what I wanted.  Visio was fussy with me earlier.  However, this time it looked like what I wanted with the Visio fitting perfectly into my “paper” selection.  I’ll show a before and after: (I intentionally blurred it minus the title to keep information private):

Before pic
Before screenshot

After Screenshot 

After Screenshot

6.  Once it looked like what I wanted, I then proceeded to print using the following procedure of selecting “print” then choosing the Adobe PDF and “selected sheet”….this meant only 1 tab printed since my visio has multiple tabs:

7.  Then I made sure to click the Properties button for the Adobe PDF printer (to the right on the above pic) and ensure it had the custom paper size I created earlier:

8.  The I let Adobe PDF print it and had it printed as I wanted it in the size I wanted it:

9.  Now it’s ready to go to FedEx Kinkos for printing!  What a PITA, but hey, at least it’s working!

I hope this helps anyone else out there with similar issues.

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1 Response to Visio 2007 and 2010 drove me CRAZY when trying to print on larger paper – Solution!

  1. Visio 2010 is driving me crazy! I was able to define custom print sizes in an earlier version of Visio, but now the canned sizes do not address any customized super sizes, like 60″ x 36″ for a roll fed HP plotter, and the largest I have to print is 84 ” long. Yes, I have made PDF’s of each of my huge diagrams, but no luck using Visio to let me define a custom print page size. Grrrrr.

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