Huge issue with Windows XP3 and RRAS – RESOLVED!

Some of you know I work for Dell in the Global Professional Services division.  Because I work for a large entity, I get a laptop with a corporate image.  This image has all the apps I need to access internal Dell stuff.

Lately, I’ve been putting off a corporate mandated Service Pack 3 upgrade.  Why?  Because the upgrade completely hoses my RRAS stack.  Because of this, I can no longer VPN into the network (or VPN into my home network for that matter).  I also cannot use my broadband card built in.

There are many articles on the web about this problem.  Most of the Microsoft articles refer to a problem back in the XP Service Pack 1 days.  However, after the SP3 upgrade, I have those same symptoms: 

Those errors will bring up articles with all sorts of various solutions including but not limited to Deleting some of the numbered keys under EAP [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\RasMan\PPP\EAP]; repermissioning Anonymous Login, etc.

None of those suggestions worked.  The RRAS stack was hosed and corrputed thanks to the SP3 update.  Now to be clear the initial “hosing” was done through an SMS package pushed by the corporate image team.  I thought there *might* be some tweaks they did to the package and decided to download the clean SP3 installer from Microsoft.  However, after installation and reboot, that didn’t fix anything either.

So my tech support internal to Dell had decided it wasn’t worth fixing and told me to upgrade to the Windows 7 corporate image….which BLOWS AWAY everything on my laptop and I would need to install literally hundreds of programs again….BLAH!

So this morning I was poking around once more and found this product:
I clicked on it and downloaded the free trial and ran it.  It showed that I could reinstall RRAS withOUT reinstalling the whole operating system.  The only problem was that I was using the free version and it just “showed” me the ability to remove and reinstall RRAS.  I would have to buy the pro for $40 to actually make the program do the work.  Here’s what I wanted it to do:

So, on a complete leap of faith, I purchased the program, ran it, deselected the RRAS component (and it chose some other tied in components) and rebooted.  Once rebooted I was able to select the checkbox for Routing and Remote Access Support (which then selected the other dependent components).  Then I had to find the Windows XP ISO (not the service pack one) and let it pull the files it needed.  After a reboot, voila!  I can now see my network connections and, more importantly, can now connect to all my VPN’s again:

Thank you XPLITE!!!!!!!

I hope this helps anyone else out with the same problem.  There is no need to reinstall XP.  Just purchase this tool, uninstall RRAS, reboot, reinstall RRAS, reboot, and you’re back in business.

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