Exchangepedia Blog deletes comments

I recently left a comment on the Exchangepedia Blog site which is written by Bharat Suneja.  You can find the article here:
The comment was as follows (not a perfect quote as they removed my initial comment, but you’ll get the gist):
‘Hmmm….I’m skeptical.  But, for me, BING still stands for But It’s Not Google’
I went back to the site this morning to see if anyone else was skeptical.  Poof, no comments listed.
This puff piece, which was actually just a rehash of a San Jose Mercury News piece, listed no information as to how "it felt to beat Google".  I was looking, no, yearning for information about what they meant….and could only come up with this:
"…..serving up the chatter on Twitter and blog posts, with the latest updates on everything from celebrity gossip to breaking news."
So let’s review:
  • I wasn’t provided any information about Exchange Server (since it’s is called, after all, "Exchangepedia").
  • I wasn’t given any information about what it means to "beat Google"
  • They removed my comments and anyone else’s comments who posted.

So what is going on here?  And why are you turning a decent Exchange Blog into a marketing arm for Microsoft?

Full disclosure:  I am a Microsoft evangelist and have been for 14 years.  But I call a spade a spade.  Something stinks here.

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One Response to Exchangepedia Blog deletes comments

  1. Just ran into this old post.

    For the record, no comments are deleted on Exchangepedia unless it’s spam. In fact, I responded to your comment with the following back then, and the two latter comments are still posted.
    @Anonymous: No.

    – Comments are moderated to ensure they’re not spam.
    – Comments aren’t censored if relevant to the post.
    – Once posted, comments aren’t deleted.


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