Problems with the outlook connector? You are not alone – fix here

As of September 1, 2009 Microsoft discontinued the use of accessing Hotmail using Outlook.  Instead you were told to download and install the Microsoft Connector.  This would allow you to configure Outlook to use MAPI to connect to Hotmail.
But alas I’ve tried every trick under the sun ending with this article.  (Scroll down to the Wed, 29 July 2009 13:46 entry)  The fun errors were:
  • The add-in outlook connector extensions ( msncon32.dll ) cannot be loaded & has been disabled by outlook.
  • Disable all other plugins
  • uninstall and reinstall
  • repair, delete reg keys, rename mapi files to .old
  • blah blah blah….
Then I remember that there was a new beta Outlook Connector for Office 2010.  I figured I’d give it a try on my Outlook 2007 client.  What did I have to lose?
Allow me to be perhaps the first to tell you  IT WORKS!  So stop fussing with the one that’s supposed to work and download the newer beta here (be sure to choose the 32 bit version as the 64 doesn’t work on 2007, even with a 64 bit OS (I know, I tried already)).
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3 Responses to Problems with the outlook connector? You are not alone – fix here

  1. MICHAEL says:

    know the connector won\’t work if you have the exchange management tools loaded on your desktop . See also

  2. Dustin says:

    @ Michael Winick:Experience shows me differently….I\’ve got the tools installed on my workstation and have no issues. I\’m sure some people will, but mine works just fine!

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