How to Disable – Show in Groups – for Outlook

Today when I had some spare time, I decided to tackle an Outlook issue that was annoying me.  I couldn’t "disable" the Show In Groups feature in Outlook globally (or so I thought).  I thought I had to perform it on every individual folder.  I was wrong and this article showed me how to do it.  But I thought the instructions were a bit confusing so i wanted to post what I did with appropriate screenshots.  Since I’m a visual learner, this is for those of you who are too
Step 1:  Make sure Outlook is closed and go to Start—>Run
Step 2:  Type "outlook.exe /cleanviews" without the quotes:

Note, if that doesn’t work, then that directory isn’t in your PATH variable.  You can open a command prompt, navigate to the directory and run the same command.

Step 3:  Once Outlook opens, go to View–>Current View–>Define Views:

Step 4:  Click Modify:
Step 5:  Click Group By:
Step 6a:  Deselect the checkbox "Automatically group according to arrangement" and click OK:
Step 7:  Click Apply View and Close:
At this point, Outlook should have done something in the background and now all of your folders will have the "show in groups" removed.  That was a lot easier than scripting!
See you next time!
Take Care>>>Dustin
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