CARFAX or Autocheck & Carfax *hidden* discount – How To

So I’ve been looking for used cars lately to replace a 2001 Accord that has 255,000 miles and have found a few I like (the 2001 still runs great btw but is getting tired ).  My next step is to run a title history using the services of either or  Conundrum # 1 was the question of which is better.  In my short research, it would appear that Carfax provides the most complete information for the VIN # in question.  I haven’t included a link…you’ll see why a little later.
In one example lookup, Autocheck found 5 records.  Carfax found 11 records.  Another check on a different VIN revealed similar discrepancies.  So I’ve made up my mind to use Carfax.  BUT, they want $40 for unlimited records for 30 days.  I remembered seeing a promotion at some point, but couldn’t remember where I’ve seen it.  Then it dawned on me.
I’m a AAA member and I went to the AAA website.  Logged in and searched for Carfax.  Sure enough, there’s a little hidden link which opens up a new window and allows you to buy unlimited for $30.00 instead of $40.00.
I love finding deals like that as it truly provides value.  Since I’m going to look up about 15 or so cars, $2/each is a bargain.  Plus Carfax email’s you the information for your records.  Not that it’s good for any amount of time (unless the car you’re looking at is still for sale months later) but it’s nice to be able to search email for it.
So if you’re a member of AAA and need to use Carfax….and want to save $10, then you now know the trick.

Take Care>>>Dustin
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