Reordering Remote Desktop MSC

I’ve always wanted to be able to reorder the Remote Desktop MSC information using the snap in provided with the ADMINPAK.MSI.  This thread from Experts Exchange appears to explain how to do it:
Thanks to the three folks that have provided feedback on it:
1.  graye
2.  Eagle6990
3.  KaiserSose
Here is the info in case you don’t have a login to Experts Exchange:
The MMC console is just a text-based XML file.   You can bring it up in notepad and edit the labels.

There usually is a <StringTable> section that contains the names items that you initially entered when you created the *.msc file.

As for reordering the entries… that takes a bit more work… each entry is probably in a <node ID=??> section.  You’d have to cut and paste those entire sections (to get them in the order you want) and then renumber their IDs.   Haven’t tried it myself, but it should work.

I have yet to find a way to re-order a MSC file.  I’m currently playing around with editing it in Notepad but I don’t understand everything in there.

I was able to rename "Remote Desktops" to a new string by editing my console with Notepad and modifying the line
        <String ID="8" Refs="1">Remote Desktops</String>

but it might use this same string for all of your RD Snap-ins.  Trying viewing your console with Notepad and see how many instances of "Remote Desktops" are in the file.

You were both right.  The string table contains one string entry for all of the snap-ins. However, I was able to create my own like so:

        <String ID="10" Refs="1">Test1</String>
        <String ID="11" Refs="1">Test2</String>
        <String ID="12" Refs="1">Test3</String>
        <String ID="13" Refs="1">Test4</String>
        <String ID="14" Refs="1">Test5</String>
        <String ID="15" Refs="1">Test6</String>

I then associated each <node> with one of my strings:

<String Name="Name" ID="10"/>

I re-ordered the nodes just by moving each one in the xml order and that worked for the snap-ins.  I still have yet to find a way to re-order each connection.  That probably lies inside of the big binary blocks.

I just cut the whole  <node>….</node>  block and moved it to the order that I liked.  I never touched the ID numbers because I noticed that they weren’t  in order already.   Most of them were, but because I had not added all of my snap-ins at the same time they were ordered  2, 3, 4, 5, 33, 34.
I hope this helps!

Take Care>>>Dustin

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