DPM installation snafu with WMI error

Greetings All!
I recently had a small snafu when trying to install a test version of DPM 2007 onto a Server 2008 x64 server.  I ran into an Error 820 which basically said that I needed to start WMI.  But this was not true because WMI was already started.
In the oldest traditions of Microsoft not giving great error messages with which to go by, I did some other reconnaissance and found something that might lead me to the promised land.  DPM evidently uses older IIS 6 stuff under the hood.  Since this was a clean build of Server 2008 x64, and since I manually installed IIS 7, I did not select any "backward compatible" components of IIS.  As such, I installed the following additional components:
1.  IIS 6 Management Compatibility
2.  IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility
3.  IIS 6 WMI Compatibility
Selecting these backwards compatible pieces allowed the installation of DPM to start working as expected.  If you run into this problem, hopefully, this blog will help you get by the issue faster than it took me to figure it out!
You may be thinking "why do I need metabase compatibility"?  I tried the installation with only selecting the WMI compatibility (seeing as the error was a WMI error), but alas that did not work on its own.  The incompleteness of the Microsoft error had me try more compatibility measures which finally included the Metabase piece…..and thus success.
Take Care>>>Dustin
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2 Responses to DPM installation snafu with WMI error

  1. Johannes says:

    No! Installed all that Stuff, but still not working!

  2. Dustin Lema says:

    Your installing DPM 2007?

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