Configuring Mozy for faster upload

It’s been a while since I’ve posted as I’ve been busier than…well, you get the picture.  Lately I’ve been using Carbonite and Mozy and in the future I’ll be performing a comparison between the two.  In this post however, I’ll just speak to Mozy and talk about changing some configuration settings to make uploading your data faster.
OK, I was searching for the regkey to modify as the GUI doesn’t give you this configuration capability.  Lately I’ve been working at a place with a killer Internet pipe.  The default Mozy capped upload speed is 1Mb.  But at the place where I am working, it could easily scale above 45Mb and I think it’s going to 1Gb Internet pipe very soon.  In any event, I was looking to boost the upload speed.  Here’s how:
1.  Open Regedit and perform a CTRL-F and search for "speedcap".  It should be the second entry you find.  Alternatively, drill down to "HKLM\Software\Mozy\Options" and find the speed cap key.
2.  You’ll notice that it’s set for "1048576".  This limits the upload to 1Mb.  I’ve changed it to "8388608" to get up to an 8Mb upload.
3.  I’ve also change the following entry to enable "Network Drive Support": "networksharesupport" changed to "1"
4.  As a test, I also enabled "vssbackupsetsupport" (to 1) in hopes that VSS is used instead of the default "retriculating splines" method.
Since I’ve made these changes, I saw a peak upload speed of 5.4Mb on the client side of Mozy.  However, I was unable to access my "P" drive.  I haven’t rebooted so I’ll try that later.  I also noticed that the VSS service was not in use….again, I’ll try the reboot and post back later.
 I hope this helps those that were wondering if they could kick up the upload speed to mozy.
Take Care>>>Dustin
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2 Responses to Configuring Mozy for faster upload

  1. Andrew says:

    Nice find… I have version and it resets the value when a backup is started.  Have you found a way around that?

  2. Lawrence says:

    ding – resetting the value – any tips on how to stop that?

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